Carla Stangenberg has been practicing The Yoga since moving to NYC in 1993. Teaching unofficially since 1997,  officially 2000. She stepped into the worlds of yoga and theater training in the same week. .  For Carla the creativity in theater and the yoga spring from the same source. They are both like moving three dimensional sculptures with the rawness of improvisation in balanced play. 

Multiple trainings later, stints with systems, styles and forms as of late she has settled into a deep home practice accompanied by many years of Iyengar method, anatomy study, the bhakti practice of chanting, and an occasional clown workshop (yup, that's right).  Her classes are a distillation of her explorations and are meant to be of service to the radiant souls who show up for practice with her. The practices may involve asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, mudra, and generally figuring out how to get along. 

The aim is to get through to our selves, like an archeologist sifts through layers of civilizations to find what was there and to see that it still is there, the work is of excavation. This is the aim. This is the bull’s eye. This is The Yoga. 

Select Training / Education: OM Yoga Center Teacher Training 200 and 300 hours with Cyndi Lee;  Anatomy with Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project two year course of study; Pranayama Teacher Training with François Raoult; Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course;  14 Silent Meditation retreats for 7 - 10 days at a time;  multiple Advance Trainings with Rodney Yee, current ongoing weekly classes at the NYC Iyengar Institute.